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About is a driving school related agency marketing for learner drivers to supply to approved driving instructors. we advertise as a national establishment covering all UK driving test centres and UK post codes.

We can help you through the step by step process to get your license and test certificates do not directly employ any registered driving instructors, (ADI).

All associated driving instructors are fully self-employed and responsible for their own financial affairs. However, promote integrity and transparency and are willing to conform to any demands set out by any official government department for investigation purposes.

All ADI’s are fully self-employed and responsible for their own tax affairs. However, should any government or court authority ask us to declare information of payments to their registered database of ADI’s confirms they will conform fully with a written request.

However, this information is treated with sensitivity as information held can contain personal and private information relating to individuals and therefore we will not breach any data protection laws willingly.


We may also be referred to as, The Company, The Business, The Driving School, The Agency. Customers of may also be referred to as Customers, Learners, Candidate, Individual. Driving Instructors are referred to as; The Instructor or  Approved Driving Instructor.


We offer guarantees that all our customers will pass their theory and driving test. Also we guarantee that if you chose to write exams or do driving test, our ADI will provide intensive driving course booked by the customer and enough time to prepare them ready for their driving test. However, during the booking process we do use over 10 years of knowledge in establishing the duration best suited to the individual taking the intensive driving course.

Deposit Payments & Disbursements

if you which to book your license and test certificate without test, you make an advance payment. All intensive driving courses advertised by are made up of a clear written deposit. satisfy the purchase request of a new customer. However, in doing so the calculation will consider the following:

1, An agency fee (VAT applicable) 2, DVSA test fees (VAT exempt) 3, A negotiated hourly or one-off rate for a registered driving instructor. Therefore, ensuring that any DVSA fee and Driving Instructor fee remains as a disbursement and not belonging to who act solely as an intermediary. For all disbursements will ensure there is a clear transparent route for all outbound payments classes as disbursements.

Any deposit paid to is an agency fee for arrangement and management of intensive driving courses. It is common for to secure times with a driving instructor.

To do so we may make an outbound bank transfer payment to the named driving instructor to hold their availability for the agreed timetable. This money is reclaimed when the customer clears the balance of their intensive driving course as advertised in our price structure.

Any sum paid out to secure the time with the driving instructor is classed as a disbursement and recouped later for VAT reasons.

Balance Payments & Disbursements

All balance payments due for each intensive driving course we sell is regarded as the agreed fee we forward to the driving instructor. Therefore, are only passing the money to the appointed driving instructor to ensure there is no confusion with the customer that their course is being arranged by Any fee for the instructor is not VAT applicable as none of our registered driving instructors are VAT registered businesses. The balance acts as their taxable income.

Not Included

There are no additional hours, theory tests or driving tests provided free of charge unless mentioned in the websites course description or on any official promotional material.

Course Termination

If the course is terminated by the pupil, then this is entirely at their expense. NO refund will be offered for outstanding hours unless the pupil can provide sufficient evidence that the appointed driving instructor is in breach of the course agreement contract or has committed an act regarded as severe and gross misconduct. This does not include any situation where the course is terminated due to disagreements between the customer and the appointed driving instructor.

Theory Test

All theory tests booked by are managed by on an unlimited basis. This meaning a customer can request the test be moved as many times as they wish. And there is also no limit to the amount of time a customer can spend using our online training resources to prepare for their theory test. However, it is the responsibility of the pupil to ensure they provide with enough notice in which to move the theory test.

Any theory test booked by the pupil, or another agency remains the responsibility of the pupil.

Theory test pass guarantee

With all our intensive courses you have the option to add in a guaranteed pass theory test. To qualify for the guaranteed pass, you MUST complete the revision material provided by My Intensive Course. Your scores must show.

Multiple Choice

100% Mastery

95% Average Score

Hazard Perception

100% Mastery

80% Average Score

Driving Test

All driving courses end with a DVSA driving test provided by the DVSA. This is normally booked by as we are an approved and authorised provider of driving test bookings. However, in some instances this may have been pre-booked by the pupil or another agency. If the test has been booked by any third party, cannot be held liable for any discrepancies, cancellations or missed appointments.

All driving tests booked by are done so through our licence agreement with the DVSA and booked through our Government Gateway account that allows us to book customers driving tests at any UK driving test centre.

The driving test is subject to a strict 5 working day notice period to move or cancel an appointment. If the driving test appointment is missed through negligence by a registered driving instructor, then the driving school will re-book another driving test at no additional cost to the pupil.


Your Driving Test Dates

In the UK there is very few driving test appointments within the approaching six months. This is due to the overwhelming demand on the DVSA due to the two years of intermittent closures relating to Covid 19 lockdowns / restrictions. To provide you with a driving test date wen need to book a “placeholder” date.

Furthermore, the calendar on the website is not offering guaranteed start dates. They are provisional start dates. Booking time off before receiving confirmation of your start dates from either the office or your course instructor does not entitle you to a refund.

Course Duration

The duration of any intensive driving course sold by is established at the point of sale. Weather that is through our website; or over the telephone. Should more hours be added to a course after initial booking the hours will be subject to additional charges to be paid through or in some cases directly to the ADI.

Course Schedule will initiate course scheduling with the pupil and the appointed ADI as soon as the pupil has passed the theory test. Or, after a booking has happened whereby the customer has already passed their theory test.

Additional Lessons

If any additional lessons are required before or after the driving test, then they should be booked through Any lessons booked directly with the driving instructor are exempt from the terms and conditions.

Driving Instructor & Driving Instructor Responsibility

All appointed driving instructors are fully qualified and self-employed and are governed by the DVSA. They all hold a current Criminal record check and are on the national register of approved driving instructors. (ADI).

All driving instructors have a responsibility to ensure they are up to date with changes in the training and development of learner drivers. The driving instructor is also responsible for their on-going development know as CPD.

Driving Instructor Contracts

All driving instructors are expected to sign a pre-course contract confirming that they will ensure the course is delivered in the agreed time frame and that they will endeavour to prepare the pupil for the driving test. The instructor contracts are provided by exclusively.

It is also the responsibility of the pupil to ensure they do not book time off until a start date has been confirmed by either the office or the course instructor.

Cancellations By Pupil or Cancellations by Person Who Booked

You have 48 hours from the time of booking to cancel your intensive course with us before your deposit is non-refundable. If you cancel your booking after the 24-hour period has passed you will be entitled only to the test fees. £23 for a theory test and £62 for a driving test returned. Total £85

If you book out of hours, your booking is time stamped as well as the refund request form. So, providing there is no more than 48 hours between, we will refund within 5 days. Refunds are normally processed on a Friday afternoon unless otherwise agreed by the customer services supervisor.

Cancellation By Instructor

If the course schedule is cancelled by the appointed ADI, will make the arrangements where possible to re-arrange the course with another driving instructor. However, if this is not possible will offer a full refund and peruse any additional costs through legal services to the driving instructor.

Refund Policy – Please read in full before completing a refund request form


At My Intensive Course we value all customer and work tirelessly to prepare the service you have booked. We work very hard to prepare all courses in an efficient manner.

The vast majority of courses are fulfilled within the advised timeframe. However, on occasions, especially at busy periods the waiting times can increase substantially.

These are in place to ensure your course booking is fair on yourself, your course instructor and allows the business the time required to prepare your intensive driving course and are non-negotiable.

All refund requests are dealt with in order of receipt and processed within 5 days.

Cooling off period / Cancelling within 24 hours

At My Intensive Course we have a strict 24 hour cooling off period. The 24 hours starts from the digital date and time stamp on your online booking, or the entry time on our system if booking over the telephone.

Despite common belief that a cooling off period is two weeks, it is not. The reason for this is that as soon as you paid your course deposit you are asking My Intensive Course to secure paid for services to prepare your course. This includes these paid services.

  1. Theory training software
  2. Fast track allocation
  3. Driving Tests placeholder
  4. Test transfer
  5. Course instructor deposit
  6. Administration


My Intensive Course will only be responsible for a full refund if we fail to provide any part of your course under our control. These are, but not limited to:

  • Theory test booking
  • Not setting you up on theory test training
  • Not fully processing your booking within 24 business hours, excluding the fast track
  • Not advising you of your theory test appointment
  • Driving test booking
  • Failing to pair you with a course instructor

My Intensive Course will not be responsible for a refund if:

  • Your driving test date is delayed due to DVSA strike action
  • Your driving test date is delayed due to bad weather including, rain, ice, snow, fog or heavy winds
  • Your driving test date is delayed due to examiner sickness
  • Your driving test date is delayed due to lack of available slots in your chosen test centres
  • If you chose to have a prescheduled course when booking with My Intensive Course
  • If you fail your either your theory or driving test

How to apply for a refund

In all cases of a refund request, you must first complete this form. If you have enquired over the telephone, one of our customer service agents will send you a text message with a link to the online form. This is date and time stamped so we can check the time delay between booking and requesting a refund.

Refund assessment

All refund requests are assessed on a case-by-case basis. The final decision is made by the company accounts management team.  Any refund request exceeding the 24 hour cooling off period will be rejected unless, My Intensive Course have failed to fulfil any   management agree the situation is classed as, “exceptional circumstances”.

Exceptional circumstances explained

At My Intensive Course we are here to help. We must remind you that after 24 hours of booking your course will be fully prepared. This includes, non-refundable paid for services and a lot of labour. Therefore, to qualify for a full refund after 24 hours we will assess your request and make a decision based on the information provided on a case by case basis.

Course agreement

All bookings are subject to a course agreement. This is a document you are required to e-sign to acknowledge you have had the opportunity to read the terms and conditions and refund policy at the point of booking online, or that you had them read out to you before making payment when booking over the telephone. This document is sent out just after booking over the phone or upon completion of booking online.

Course cancellation

You are entitled to cancel your course at any point. However, if this is after 24 hours from booking you will only receive test fees and your balance amount back. The course deposit less test fees will be lost. The amount will reflect the price you paid when booking and not the current price on the website. The current fees for tests are:

  • Driving test – £28
  • Theory test – £36
  • Balance payment

Approved refund payments

Refunds are paid through the following methods only.

Cancellations within 24 hours – Full refund back to payment card

Cancellations after 24 hours or if My Intensive Course fail to fulfil your booking – Cheque sent by 1st class post with refund statement.

Click here to apply for a refund


Your deposit, explained.

When you book an intensive driving course with us at, You must pay a minimum deposit as stated on the company website. Courses and prices.

The deposit is made up of the inclusive test fees and the administration cost of preparing the intensive driving course.


If you have any complaints about or any of our activities, you must first attempt to resolve them amicably through direct contact. That may relate directly to your course driving instructor or directly to the agency. If your complaint can not be dealt with at the initial level, then you must put in writing to.

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