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Please ensure that you enter your name exactly as it appears on your photocard licence or you will be prompted to check if you have entered your details correctly. The view & check your driving licence online service can be used by any driver in England, Wales or Scotland. Book Standard Theory Courses & Pass Test

The DVLA has issued an update to paper driving licence and log book process times due to a high volume of enquiries. As wait times are still high, you may still be able to drive while your application is being processed.

How to book a driving license without test

But if you applied for your new licence online, then you don’t have to worry as there aren’t currently any delays with online transactions. In fact, the DVLA encourages using online services to minimize delays with applications.

Book Standard Theory Courses & Pass Test You can check status of your license No time to study for your theory test? No worries! We provide you with the safest and fastest way to obtaining a full licences without taking the theory test.

You will receive all certificates required to support your application, including original Theory Test Certificate, Original Driving License Certificate, and full licence Features:

  • Get a valid licence without taking any tests
  • Receive fully registered and legitimate certificates
  • Enjoy a quick application process with excellent customer service


  • Ensure safe and fast processing of application documents
  • Avoids time consuming hassle of preparing for the test
  • Can save energy, money and time from repeatedly taking the exams

Detailed Track Course

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Driving route will be charged separately.

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